2e Conseil des Voisins

2e Conseil des Voisins

Publié le vendredi 3 avril 2020

Le 3 avril 2020 ou 2020 à Paris de 11:00 à 12:30


  • Sabine Arrondelle
  • Michael Muszlak
  • Chris Mann
  • Gabriele Santini
  • ...

The departure of the Grands Voisins will be postponed.

Rehabilitation on "Le Village des Grands Voisins". The purpose of this effort was to involve the residents (marginalized people who need shelter and food) more. Some would have seen this as a personal attack, a desire to take power, to reject the other. This ended with the inner circle of the Big Neighbours "management" declaring ("we don't want to work with you").

We lack the will to work together. We are convinced that yes, we have a will to work together. Then, now, it works better, for example with the DIY workshop. This is what we wanted to do in the beginning in 2014, what we wanted to do.


Is it about leaving it just in our memories or is it about making it or evolving it in a different direction?

Gabriele presents himself with his company smart-team.tn. Gabriele participated in the student movement of the 90's in Italy by constant the energy of groups, sub-groups, etc. in an interdisciplinary project of two years. At some point the question of choices arose, what to do?

Here, Gabriele would like to bring something to the table. Gabriele loves the energy that makes Great Neighbours.


Sabine presents the creative recycling shop. The surplus of some can be given to others and we fight against waste. Many have the same sensibility.

The experience was sometimes painful, not living up to the hopes and dreams.



What caused it not to fill?

What did you have to do to make it better?

How do we go about it for the next experiment? (governance, democracy)

The rides are beautiful, but the backstage areas are less glorious.

Why some people don't like me enough

Fears ...


What is this dream that has been dashed.

Phase 1 not thought about disps loem

We wanted to live together

We didn't think about it because the City Council gave certain powers etc.

Phase 2

Reflecting, setting up phase 1, proposing circles. Didn't work. Those who were given power by City Hall did not want to share power.

More experimentation. Let's come up with something different together.


Succeed in making / in common.

Many very motivated people transform the lives of the residents

have not chosen to go through social services to be housed.

The same in the center max activities around. does a lot of things matter. Be eager to do, to share.

Phase 2

  • Less space
  • Economic will
  • this kind
  • project has been abandoned
  • Time to spare
  • we missed the thing

Why did we miss it?

We have time. That was extra.

All the associations have left the bridle. It happens to be near the end.

It's been working for a few months, since the beginning of the school year. A power that is not shared by all, decisions that have fallen on their heads.
Start right away with other means.


Other spaces that open up ?


Is what we express appropriate for others?

Why did some people accept?

I think of the artists. The people in reunios that have made his trust totally to the associations.

Power grab to the max.

This is not acceptable.
It's not what I want.

Most of them accepted

  • playing the game
  • by withdrawing

abandoning the common project. Frustrated that they were left with the crumbs.


No common project. 1 empty.

Many artists' collectives.

  • 1 open space
  • 1 small structuring
  • 1 end of the story

History of squatters, "legitimate" owner.

Associations that work. Three major associations.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Coulouche

Open field, no need for a goal.

Aggregate 1 association. We need a goal, a direction: an ideology.


There must be a specific goal.


To do what, for what purpose?

Share our contact information.


Creating emptiness can be a key or a goal.


Phalaustere Fourrier

Half circle: single, monk, habit, ...

The whole life builds an object. Pre-Marxist. There is a way to live.


Non-Comnery Centre


Unifying idea


No land behind


Social life of everyone



Thank you, it's very interesting I think. We are not

I'm in. Participant to join us. Receiving social assistance.

Reflecting people who have lived.



Fight for governance tendency to want more ... power etc. etc.


Posted by:

Chris Mann

Président – Les Grands Voisins